The Structure and Benefits of BI in the Supply Chain

The use of BI has a high priority at Takeda, as the KPIs obtained through BI are discussed in management and included in decision-making. But it’s not just at management level that the benefits of BI are being applied, including in the supply chain. The full range is used, from business warehouses to reporting and dashboards, to offer technology-savvy users BI solutions as self-service. The challenge here is to find the right tool for one’s needs, because using the wrong tool can be expensive. The requirements must be examined, and the appropriate tool must be deployed based on these needs. A skeptical approach should be taken to ensure the successful use of BI in the company.

During the talk, we will focus on:

– What benefits do we get from the use of BI in the company and how can we profit from the use of BI?

– How do we set the right expectations for the use of BI and the tool used?

– How do we find the right tool for our needs?

– How do we find the right system for the right purpose?

Nadja Friesen

Business Intelligence Specialist


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We would be pleased to welcome you at the Business Data Intelligence Minds.

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