How to really reduce Cost and increase Transparency with Self-Service BI Solutions and Dashboards

he value-add of many BI tools is reduced by complex Interfaces and missing data analysis skills of unexperienced users. Dashboards bridge this gap. Alas, often the multitude of implemented dashboard solutions increases maintenance cost and difficulties in data governance. In his presentation, Dirk Drechsel explains how to overcome these obstacles. He outlines the initial situation and explains the steps taken to really reduce cost, increase transparency and save money by employing self-service BI solutions and dashboards.

In this lecture you will learn:

– What are the advantages of developing your own BI dashboards?

– What organizational challenges are associated with in-house development and how best to deal with them

– What technical possibilities exist to enable a dynamic, cost efficient collaboration model for self-service BI and dashboard development?

Dr. Dirk Drechsel

Head of Digital Transformation - Cost Controlling
Mercedes Benz


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