Data Democratisation with hybrid Data Platforms in DP DHL

The presentation will focus on the current practical experiences at DP DHL with data democratisation and associated data platforms. What means can be used to make data available to everyone, overcome data silos and scale intelligent data use and analytics in the company? What role do hybrid data platforms play and how will they evolve? Finally, we will explain which prerequisites in terms of organisation and data culture are necessary to trigger a real data revolution.

In the session you will learn more about:

– Data democratisation – what is it trying to achieve?

– Which hybrid data platform models are available in DP DHL and why.

– The beast – the raw power of an on-premise platform for advanced analytics.

– Breaking down the data silos – data lake platform in the cloud

– Data revolution is a matter of people – organisation and data culture

Tomek Ziarko

Head of Data Management
DHL IT Services GmbH


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We would be pleased to welcome you at the Business Data Intelligence Minds.

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