Crafting Customer-Centric Data Products amidst Data Mesh Infrastructure Transition - A Practical Insight

In this presentation, we aim to share the nuanced process of creating and delivering customer-centric data products in the midst of transitioning to a data mesh infrastructure. With a real use case, we shed light on the integral aspects of requirement engineering, end-to-end data product development from an ownership perspective, and technical asset development.

This conversational journey is designed to enlighten Business Intelligence practitioners striving to provide swift value to their customers during the pivotal transaction into a data mesh framework. The following questions are covered in this presentation:

  • How do we provide swift value during the transition into data mesh framework?
  • What are the technical assets that are needed for managing the data product’s interim environment?
  • What are the challenges and lessons learned from the current methodology?

Mustika Rizki Fitriyanti

Senior Data Product Owner, Zeiss


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