Self-service, low code and data mesh

In this presentation, we will first present the fundamental framework that is essential for the successful operation of a low-code platform, particularly in the context of the Microsoft Power Platform. We will then look in detail at the opportunities and risks that can arise when operating such a platform. Particular emphasis will be placed on the strategic relevance of governance. Another focus of the presentation is the central role of IT in the operation of low code and self-service. With practical tips, managers and business users will gain valuable insights into how they can successfully convince and inspire IT of the benefits of the low-code concept. This session will give them a holistic view of the potential and challenges of the Microsoft Power Platform.

  • What are the success factors for the successful introduction and long-term operation of low-code platforms?
  • What is the best practice for low-code governance?
  • How do you get IT excited about low-code?

Florian Rappelt

Power Platform Solution Architect,


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