What the hype around LLMs/GenAI means for corporate IT and data strategy

Since LLMs are on everyone’s minds, lips, and screens, corporations scramble to find useful applications for their business cases. For insurance companies, for example, customer interactions are an exciting area of use that promises great potential. However, there are still big challenges to be solved on the data management side as and models need to be tailored to industry constrains before GenAI powered chatbots can be fully implemented. What is needed is a data strategy, which takes these challenges into account and identifies and selects the right data assets to train specific GenAI.

  • How LLM usecases influence data strategies
  • How to identify the correct data assets for training data
  • What this means for your AI IT platform
  • Approach to deploy GenAI / LLM in a safe, scaleable way

Felix Wenzel

Head of Data Engineering & Strategy,
ERGO Group


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