Digitization of finance with the help of generative AI

Using business analytics and generative AI, organizations can harness the power of data-driven decision-making while leveraging generative models to create synthetic data for testing, prediction, and risk assessment. This integration can lead to more accurate insights, better risk management, and improved customer experiences in the financial sector. This presentation will give you a deeper insight into the use of generative AI in finance, as well as data monitoring and data governance by showing you what EnBW has already achieved and what their future plans look like using this strategy.

  • Data governance in finance: Establishing policies and standards for data quality, integrity, and security
  • Why data monitoring is important and used to identify trends, anomalies, and issues in real-time
  • How to integrate generative AI in finance and why it is necessary

Sascha Enderle

Director Digital Finance & Transformation, EnBW


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