Transforming Data Ecosystems - The Evolution of Data Warehouse to Data Lakes and Data Mesh

The world of data architecture is undergoing a profound transformation as organizations strive to harness the full potential of their data assets. This presentation abstract explores the dynamic landscape of data architecture, focusing on Reference Architecture, Data-Centric Architecture, the Evolution of Data Warehouses, Data Lakes, and the emerging paradigm of Data Mesh.

  • Reference architecture: achieving a common understanding of reference architecture in the company and guiding the design and consistency of data systems, serving as a blueprint for implementation.
  • Data-centric architecture: How to prioritize data at the core of the organizational strategy, fostering efficient data management and utilization.
  • Why the future does not consist of data warehouse but focuses on the data mesh
  • Looking into the evolution of data warehouses, data lakes, data lake houses, data mesh architecture

Mercedes Pantoja Calero

Head of Applications and Data Architecture, E.ON


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